Entanglement Technologies' core sensor technology has brought the sensitivity of optical detection to the world of big molecules hidden by big backgrounds. Our proprietary sensor package combines the absolute sensitivity of cavity enhanced spectrometry with the selectivity and background rejection capabilities of Time of Flight spectroscopy to deliver fast and reliable trace gas detection in harsh environments. The exceptional dynamic range delivered by this package enables the detection of target compounds buried in backgrounds (e.g. water) with orders of magnitude higher optical absorption. ET's sensor provides vapor and gas detection when other technologies turn up their noses. Our current product offerings include:

CEED (Cavity Enhanced Explosives Detector)

Responding to the need for highly sensitive, specific explosives identification for defense and homeland security, CEED is a novel optical sensor that uses powerful techniques from optical spectroscopy. Our technology is compactly engineered for field deployability, and is designed for robustness to environmental disturbances. False positives are minimized using our proprietary selectivity enhancement, and demonstrated performance is consistent with detection of TNT at a level below 1 part-per-trillion.

AROMA (Autonomous Rugged Optical Multigas Analyzer)

AROMA is designed for airborne deployment and measures concentration of multiple gas species simultaneously with high precision. Furthermore, its exceptional dynamic range allows it to operate in the presence of interfering background compounds. In airborne surveys AROMA can be used to locate ground sources of substances of interest.